Zeinelabidin Elhassi wrote:
> First, in advance, happy new year to all members of this mailing list.

Happy new beer!

> What is the most prominent auxlanging achievement for you during this year ?

Absolutely nothing!  Very little work has gone into any of my 
auxlangs except for a bit of an overhaul to the Sasxsek references 
which I have yet to post.  What little conlanging I've done has been 
mainly on Deini, something I'm finding much more entertaining now 
than auxlangs.

> For example I think the appearance of Na'vi language in Avatar is the most 
> prominent thing for conlangers.

I would have to say Okrent's book is pretty notable for conlanging. 
  I haven't read it but it has got some attention.

> Next year we will have special events like the official release of Lingwa de 
> Planeta.

Now that I'm starting to find myself with a little time on my hands 
I should be able to put a little more effort into conlangs but which 
ones I choose to work on is subject to what mood I happen to be in 
at the moment.  Auxlangs haven't really kept me very interested over 
the past couple years.  Partially because I really don't support the 
conauxlang movement, and partially because making auxlangs, 
especially something like Sasxsek, does involve a lot of tedious 
work.  If I need a new word for Deini I just take a quick look at a 
couple references to get some ideas and choose any word, usually 
something Germanic, that I want and mutate it however I want then 
add it to the dictionary.  I can raeally do that with an auxlang 
where I'm careful to choose forms that fit the design goals.