Sellamat Dave !

Khauris Natal quantims ! 

Of course, the success of Na'vi is linked to the movie (without the movie, 
Na'vi would have not existed, or would not have reach such an audience). 
But, what matters for us is that laymen (i.e. not conlang freaks) hear about 
conlangs (most of them may believe that there is only Esperanto in the 
I can't give an opinion about Na'vi itself; whatever its quality maybe, we don't 
know how the copyrightholder is going to manage the release of informations 
pertaining to it... it may be frustating for the fans if Cameron and Co act 
But, in any case, this may be profitable for the whole conlanging universe. 

And, for us conlangers, this shows that the popularity of a conlang is not 
obligatorily linked to its "simplicity"; motivation is more important (of course, if 
the language is TOO complicated....). 

Yesterday, I met for the first time "physically" another conlanger, who has 
lived in the same village as I. He has invented a "symbolic" artlang and has 
already 20 "adherents":

(I hope you'll get the message, because, for the first time, I'm using a Wifi 
connection from my oncle's house near Metz)


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>My thoughts on the matter:
>A short summary of the reasons why: it's going to have a speaker
>community anyway, it's new and exciting, seeing a constructed language
>with more or less free word order in practice will be good for us
>(can't think of any auxlang with a real speaker base that has done
>that), it will give the world another example of how easy it is to get
>together and start using a neutral second language, and it's based on
>a future where humanity is a spacefaring race, and more thinking about
>issues to do with space and our role in it = good.