steve rice wrote:

> I have a long-standing rule that the name of an auxlang should
> not be internally derived from regular words (Esperanto) and
> especially should not just mean "international language." Ido and
> Novial pass the name test; the others don't.

Then what do you suggest?   I think deriving from regular words is 
really the only way to do it, but I agree that "International 
Language" has been done to death so not a good idea.  Another genre 
of names that I would avoid would be the "New(speak)" varieties.  So 
far I think "Pandunia" has the coolest name for a global auxlang.

	SASXSEK		< "sas"="Earth" + "sek"="to say"
	Ingli		< Inglification of "English"
	Esperajo	< "Esper-anto" + "-aĵo"
	Esperingle	< "Esper-anto" + "Ingle"="English"
	Esperadunie	< "Esper-anto" + "Dunie"="world"
	Panamerikan	< self-explanatory
	Pasifika	<   "    "
	Panromana	<   "    "

	cenyaci		< "cen"="logic" + "ya"="say" + "ci"+ "art"
	Deini		< "deinə"="Dana" + "-i"="-ish/-ese"
	Liŋglıs		< corruption/merger of "language"+"English"
	ニホングリシ / Nihongurishi  < "Nihon" + "English"