This has gone WAY beyond anoying.  Aboout two and a hlaf weeks ago yahoo got it into whatever it uses for a mind that Christophe's post are spam and started sorting 90% of his posts into the spam box.  This is doubly annoying because Christophe has been posting voluminously on several of the threads I have been forcing myself to take time to follow, so i'm getting other people's replys and getting confused and then having to check the spam box for the missing bits.

Does anyone know what to do to cure Yahoo of THIS hiccough?


Nivechigadu ul omu fi nu nul cunsiju djuls ímfius avevad amvuinadu, fi ni nal via djuls pecadorus avevad pedizadu, fi ni nul sedigu djuls zagagadus avevad xedjidigadu.

Saumu 1:1