Happy new year to those who have already made it to midnight, and hello
to the rest of you,

I said that the article about the language of the Na'vi from the
"Avatar" movie was nominated for deletion on the German Wikipedia
because of a lack in relevance. The article has not been deleted yet,
and just in case I have made a copy of it at FrathWiki. However,
researching the criteria of relevance on DE-Wiki I found this:

> Plansprachen sind relevant, wenn sie in der Sekundärliteratur nicht
> nur aufgelistet, sondern auch beschrieben werden.
> Ebenfalls relevant sind Plansprachen, in denen mindestens fünf Autoren
> Primärliteratur veröffentlicht haben, die in öffentlichen Bibliotheken
> verfügbar sind, wie etwa der Sammlung für Plansprachen der
> Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek. Ausgeschlossen sind Bücher, die
> in Selbst-, Pseudo- oder Book-on-Demand-Verlagen erschienen sind.

This is to say:

> Planned languages are relevant when they are not only listed in
> secondary literature but also described.
> Planned languages are equally relevant if at least five authors
> published primary literature in them, the literature being accessible
> in public libraries, like for example the _Sammlung für Plansprachen_
> of the National Library of Austria. Excluded are books published by
> self-, pseudo- or book-on-demand publishers.

I just wanted to share this piece of information with you.


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