On Sat, 2 Jan 2010, <deinx nxtxr> wrote:

> MacLeod Dave wrote:
>> Oh, and on that note I should add one point I just made to Dana:
>> Na'vi doesn't just help auxlangs in acting as an advertisement for
>> auxlangs alone and the odd mention of Esperanto, but as another
>> example for us to observe that will help us refine our strategy when
>> marketing our respective auxlangs. [...]

> It's all just pop culture.  In a few months the film will be out of
> the theaters and in the stores for rental.  In a year or two it will
> likely be on the discount counter and mostly forgotten along with the
> rest of the yesterday's prolefeed.  [...]

I have yet read all the messages in my AUXLANG folder, but I am puzzled
as to what the issue is.  I do not go to movies.  I have lived at my
current address for over twenty-two years, and not once in that time
have I attended a film in a theater.  I have no interest in them.  So I
ask myself, what is this Na'Vi that people are talking about?  I have
no knowledge and even less interest.  Are international auxiliary
languages dependent on the transient ephemera of low-class bread and
circuses entertainment?

Paul Bartlett