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> > Funny yet realistic. Bear in mind that Eo (more like
> Vp than Latin) has more support among the Catholic clergy
> than Interlingua, which is far more a "modern Latin." In the
> story line, the Vatican decided to support Vp on the grounds
> that it was a Catholic product and had some useful PR value,
> as well as simplifying evangelization.
> You have the point; linguistic familiarity matters less
> than the
> background and usage. It leaves me wondering how the
> Vatican
> considered Eo around WW2 when it was assimilated with all
> the unholy
> things such as socialism or anationalism.

I had a short story--part of a larger series of short stories--wherein a character claimed that Eists were from Mars (Idists were from Mercury). When someone else protested that the Eist color should be red, not green, the character said they were colorblind and couldn't tell a red venture from a green one...

Catholics (and many others) found socialism attractive, especially a contrasted with the "robber baron" mentality they associated with capitalism. Also, Catholics have a top-down, mediated view of things (God > authorities > people), as distinct from the more bottom-up, immediate view of capitalists and libertarians (God > individuals > governments), so the idea of the State running people's lives wouldn't have been that repugnant. It was the tendency of such states to usurp God's place that was the problem. Note that the (generally Catholic) attempt to combine the best features of capitalism and communism, "distributism," assumes a fairly centralized economy with a lot of things run roughly top down.

> > I'm trying not to overdo the language bit. There was a
> fair amount early in the story, (...)
> I'm currently trying to sort your blog entries so that each
> story gets
> displayed in reading order but I'm afraid it's impossible,
> and the
> best way is to follow the Next chapter links?

Pretty much. Each installment has a link to the first chapter, and you can work from there. Otherwise, if you use the "Dark World" label, you'll get them in reverse order. I don't know how to change that.