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>> Paul and I have a copy of the book. I briefly tried it as a private
>> language/code in the 80s, but it was a little clearer than I liked.
>> Paul's presentation covered the main points; we can fill in any
>> details as needed.
> So it exists only in the form of a paper book. A pity, as I'd like to
> see some texts: how in practice does he get away without
> noun-verb-adjective distinctions and other Western tricks like
> articles when rendering complex Western texts...

There are copies of the book in various libraries in the United States,
including the Library of Congress in Washington (the world's largest
library, but not necessarily the best in terms of constructed
languages).  I made a photocopy of it there.

As of this moment there is a copy advertised on
at a price of USD49.56 (plus shipping, but shipping rates are given for
US purchasers).

Paul Bartlett