When I heard about Interlingua I thought that was a much better 
alternative than Esperanto, and I took part in discussions with 
Esperantists to show the un-informed public that Interlingua was better. 
The result was nill. It turned out that it was much better to talk about 
Interlingua in its own right. People who don't have the necessary 
language background cannot see the difference between Interlingua and 
Esperanto. And for those who don't know the international vocabulary, 
and those are the main target group for an International auxlang if you 
ask me, cannot understand or appreciate the difference.

Another fact that talks in favour of Esperanto is that you can find 
textbooks and other material in more languages. And most isn't too bad!

Another thing I have noted is that those who learn Esperanto have got to 
really learn the grammar. In Interlingua you can get by with a lot of 
errors, and some think that they have to tweak Interlingua into their 
own mother tongues!

And a matter of fact is that I get anther response nowadays when I talk 
about Esperanto than before. The Espists are coming!

Kjell R