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> I have yet read all the messages in my AUXLANG folder, but
> I am puzzled
> as to what the issue is.  I do not go to movies. 
> I have lived at my
> current address for over twenty-two years, and not once in
> that time
> have I attended a film in a theater.

Neither do I. I used to see an occasional foreign-language film when I was an undergrad, but I no longer bother. I don't even watch them on TV anymore.

I have no
> interest in them.  So I
> ask myself, what is this Na'Vi that people are talking
> about?  I have
> no knowledge and even less interest.  Are
> international auxiliary
> languages dependent on the transient ephemera of low-class
> bread and
> circuses entertainment?
It depends on your goals. If you believe in an auxlang for everyone, regardless, then low-class bread-and-circuses crowd are part of your demographic, and you'd better listen up. On the other hand, if (like me) you suppose auxlangs are pretty much an elite activity, then perhaps you can ignore such things--though this movie apparently reaches a bit higher than just the ignorant masses.