Sellamat Dana ! 

>Right, it's an artlang, not an auxlang.  Not that there's anything wrong
>with artlangs but they serve very different purposes.  We should also
>note that this isn't the first, nor the last movie to use a constructed
>language.  I'm more interested in seeing the conlang that David Peterson
>was contracted to make through LCS.

As you're bound, like me, by the non-disclosure contract, you are allowed to 
have a look at it. His project, and some other ones including mine, are 
downloadable for the members of the LCS private list (ask them for the web 
address, I don't remember it !)

Furthermore, David Parke, the inventor of Frenkisch, told me recently that 
Frenkisch will appear on some inscriptions of a movie made by a friend of a 
friend in New Zealand.