Kjell Rehnstršöm <[log in to unmask]>:

> To the subject I'd say "No! Auxlangers have no need to support Na'vi!"

The geeks will crack most of the grammar out of the samples even if
the producer keeps it secret, because the inventor probably didn't
depart much from his human linguistic background. It will be
interesting to observe which kind of people will learn Na'vi,
considering the themes of the story.

(About Steve Rice stories)
> As to possible story, I wonder if a story where different countries support
> their a special language just in order to sabotage the spreading of language
> A, and then when they see that their language Q is too prosperous, they send
> in agents to topple it!
> This is a plot so close to reality that people might believe in it!

Maybe in the end the only way to impede one auxlang will be to promote
dozens more and pit them against each other. The terrain is favorable