Olivier Simon skrev:
>> I think you can do the same thing with Occi in Germany or France.
> I'm not as sure... Everyone would like to be on air for his hobby (hey, I've 
> invented Sambahsa; hey, I want to become a famous singer...) and radios are 
> more attracted by making big audience quotes ! That's why I listen to the 
> neighbouring Saarland radio which is able to mix quality with quantity (an 
> exception).
The problem for you is perhaps that "in reality" you are interested in 
Sambahsa and would like to promote it.

I guess Sambahsa (I'm tempted to write "sambāsa") isn't precisely 
targetted at the "language-learning impaired". But it is always hard to 
further two different things.

What the public in Sweden knows is Esperanto and partly Interlingua.

As a matter of fact contendants to Esperanto have gotten quite good 
press in Sweden. I even read an interesting article about Neo when it 
was published in the 60's in Upsala Nya Tidning, the Uppsala daily that 
nearly has a monopoly in this town.

In 1932 Radio Sweden brought a discussion between spokespeople for 
Esperanto, Ido and Occidental. It started at 18.15 and ended before the 
late news at 22.00! (I don't remember where I read that, and I was most 
certainly not around, and I was not even a thought in my mother's head, 
I suppose!)

As for myself I once tried to arrange a lecture about Interlingua here 
in Uppsala, but that was not much of a success. I think 3 people 
attended it, of which one became the editor of the Swedish Esperanto 
Magazine, La Espero! He already knew Esperanto at that time and he knows 
Interlingua as well.

But I think the most important thing is, try using the language of your 

Talking about Esperanto in my lousy English make all the other languages 
safe for my convincing power! :-)

(amik-o = friend; -o = noun -e = adverb, something like -ly in English).