2010/1/2 Kjell Rehnstr?÷m <[log in to unmask]>:
> <deinx nxtxr> skrev:
>> MacLeod Dave wrote:
>>> Oh, and on that note I should add one point I just made to Dana: Na'vi
>>> doesn't just help auxlangs in acting as an advertisement for auxlangs
>>> alone and the odd mention of Esperanto, but as another example for us
>>> to observe that will help us refine our strategy when marketing our
>>> respective auxlangs. Na'vi is kind of like Deep Space 1, a probe with
>>> a mission more geared towards testing out new technology than one
>>> constructed for scientific return alone.
>> It's all just pop culture. áIn a few months the film will be out of the
>> theaters and in the stores for rental. áIn a year or two it will likely be
>> on the discount counter and mostly forgotten along with the rest of the
>> yesterday's prolefeed. áNa'vi will be forgotten along with the film,
>> assuming anyone takes any more than a passive interest in it. áIt's not the
>> first film to use a conlang, and probably won't be the last but fads come
>> and go very quickly.
> Might be interesting if the learners of Na'vi didn't all know English and if
> there were people who would use Na'vi as their sole common language, but I
> think there are no such creatures!
> Kjell R

There are. Check the group and you'll see that there are people
writing in Spanish and also a guy from Serbia that obviously doesn't
speak much English but is looking for information. There is also a
small group in French:

And in German: