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> Feel free to see what your own conlang does to it!
> Original English:
> I set my pen to paper
> And in the strange ecstasy of creation
> I write myself
> A broken record.

Into ai Basata (using the most straightforward interpretation of any

Ma pato mie vaja ari pajida
U sami asamanite mapake pamoda
Ma visajo abi ma
I chinite sajota.

Back into English:

I place my.ACC pen upon paper
and with non-ordinary creative bliss
I write to me
ACC (a) broken document.

Surprisingly, the only word not already in my dictionary was "strange"
which I coined by adding the negating prefix a- to samanite (normal,
ordinary). The only vestiges of inflection in ai Basata are the
accusative of the definite article, accusative pronouns, and
accusative possessive pronouns. All other cases are marked by
prepositions or particles which act like prepositions.

(FWIW: I'm making enough progress on my ai Basata documentation to be
able to publish it on the web soon. Perhaps in the next few weeks.)