This is a strange little composition I wrote in college in a notebook and was 
revising on the drive home from work today. The English is pretty idiosyncratic 
and when I first thought about translating it into Angosey, I feared that much 
would be lost in translation.  However, I think "transformed" is a better word...

Feel free to see what your own conlang does to it!

Original English:
I set my pen to paper
And in the strange ecstasy of creation
I write myself
A broken record.

Vathaya isa au an
Zkeo ndapay
Ara malo laraya isa ay leneth tanaye
Es zkeraya isha iseo ayn
Au khesheth amahalthaye.

Angosey back to English

I press to the paper
Using my pen
As I feel the strange divinity of creation
I write for myself
A broken inscription*

*The word for "stone inscription" (au khesheth) also means a record, cd, or 
hard drive