I sent that by accident. (awkward laugh)

vi p@jOtE = I create
vi anav p@jOtE = I craete for you
vIvi p@jOtE = I create for myself.

It duplicats the first sylable of what ever it reflects to and uses that
sylable as a prefix.

Today (3 months later) in my French class, we start doing reflexive pronous.
toward the end of the lesson I'm thinking: "hey. Culmærian needs to express
a concept like that!" I spend about 20 minutes and decide on duplicating the
1st sylable of the 'reflectee' and using it as a prefix.

I felt quite silly when I realised that I'd created the system 3 months ago!
This is especially important for me, because Culmærian is supposed to be my
inner language. This just shows that this *really* is how I percieve
reflective pronouns.

has anything similar happend to anyone else?