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>> Meija fut.
> Since "meija fut" is a
> single lexical item, would you join or hyphenate the two
> morphemes?

Actually, I have no idea what Eng "major foot" means (if anything), so I don't know whether it should be considered a lexical unit or not. In Inlis, hyphenated elements retain individual stress (MEIja-FUT), while a single word (?MEIjafut) has only one. Otherwise,

* An open pair (meija fut) should be clear in context;

* A hyphenated pair (meija-fut) should be fairly clear in context, but may have some nuance worth checking in a dictionary;

* A single word (meijafut) may be clear, but it should be in the dictionary.

> Also, what will the capitalisation rules be?

This is a free project, so I won't be capitalizing on it at all, unless I'm offered a lot of money.

A propos of nothing, the word for "computer" has changed from kamputa to "del." ("Maks-a-fo-lusas" was just too long and complex. I have to draw the line somewhere.)

So far, I'd capitalize names and the first word of a sentence. I'm not dead-set against writitng everything lowercase, but it's helpful to spot the begining of a sentence or a foreign word, which is what names will generally be.