Sellamat Jens ed Risto !

As I wrote (in French...), I took the oldest etymology, or the first one when 
the word had become recognizable, had acquired its modern meaning. 
This list does not indicate cognates; of course, they'd be a lot for Sambahsa 
and the list would be too heavy for the wiki...

"Hotel" is French because it acquired its meaning in French and the form of the 
word is undoubtedly French. On the contrary, "hospital" comes from Medieval 
Latin and is thus listed as Latin. 
I had already written about this:

"Miroir" (if it were a Sambahsa word; but it is indeed "specule" from Latin) 
would be classified as "French" for the reasons I've just explained to Matthew. 
Latin *miratorium led to Spanish "mirador" too, which has quite a different 

Sambahsa has "simbv" = "grand fauve", close to "simba" which is Swahili (and 
Neo Patwa). Of course, I was inspired too by Sanskrit "simha", modern 
Indic "singh", with Parsi "sher" and Chinese "shi", which do come from a central 
Asian wanderwort *si(n)c. But, "simba" is unrelated, coming from Proto-
Bantu "cimba" = "wildcat, lion". Thus, for etymological purposes, "simba" should 
be listed as Swahili.