Eldin Raigmore wrote:
> I think I misspelled.
> "Deosil" perhaps should have been "deasil", though
> < >
> says "deasil" is the variant and "deosil" is the standard.

When I went that address, I got redirected to 'Sunwise' and 
in the entry there I found: "Wicca uses the idiosyncratic 
spelling _deosil_ ..."  as, indeed, Alex Fink noted in his 
email of 23rd Feb.

Before Wicca took it over, it was (and presumably still is) 
a word found in Scots dialects, where it is variously 
spelled: deasil, deasoil, deiseal, diesheal, deasiul (the 
first, seemingly, being the most common); it is variously 
pronounced as [di:zl=], [dEsl=], [dESl=], [di:Sl=].

(From a quick search it would seem that Pagan and Wiccan 
sources don't agree on the pronunciation of their _deosil_ 
either; I found 'authorities' giving variously [dZi:Zl=], 
dZEsl=], ['di.ousIl]).

The word is borrowed from Scots Gaelic _deiseil_ "southward, 
  sun-ward" <-- deas "righ[hand], south" (cf. Welsh _de_ 
with the same meanings) + seal (earlier _sel_) "a while, 
space, turning (cf. Welsh _chwyl_ <-- *swel)

Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
There's none too old to learn.