On Feb 26, 2010, at 8◊53 PM, Amanda Babcock Furrow wrote:

> I just had an idea today that would really rework Mirexu.  I want
> to use either the tense or aspect markers (tense is a verb prefix,
> aspect is a verb suffix, and both are obligatory and never null)
> to also carry information about verb negation.
> Which is more likely to merge with negation, the tense or the
> aspect?  (Or is this strictly a diachronic matter of which two
> things used to be next to each other?)  I think the idea (many
> hours ago) was inspired by thoughts about the potential for a
> different scope of negative past from past, so maybe the tense?

This seems like kind of an odd question without knowing the
context. Is this a redesign, or is it a progression? That is, is this
Mirexu 2.0, or Mirexu x number of  years later? If it's the latter,
then the next question is how is negation done now? If it's the
former, then I'd be interested to see a full list of all the tense and
aspect forms--a great big conjugation chart. That should help
to shed light on things.

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