R A Brown wrote:

> quoting Philip Newton:
> > 2010/3/19 Lars Finsen <[log in to unmask]>:
> >> Den 19. mar. 2010 kl. 22.44 skreiv Philip Newton:
> >>
> >>> In Britain, the quintessential main road is the High Street; I  
> imagine
> >>> that in the US, it's Main Street.
> >> Does this apply in Scotland as well?
> >
> > Ah, I have no idea. Might be an English rather than British  
> thing, or
> > possibly even limited to parts of England.
> Nope - not just limited to parts of England.  It's general  
> throughout the whole United Kingdom  - tho some local variation may  
> be found in a few areas.
> See:

Well, according to the article, "Main Street" actually is the more  
common in smaller Scottish towns and villages. Glasgow though seems  
to have several both Main and High streets according to my old  
tourist map, possibly through the incorporation of several other  
smaller towns and villages, while Edinburgh has one Main and one High  
Street, with the High more centrally placed.

Not sure what implications this has for the Byntic part of Uriania,  
but I guess they will have more Main than High streets there, too.

As a Norwegian this naming standard for main streets is unfamiliar to  
me, but that's probably because we have so many topographic features  
from which to name our streets in this country. Or because it became  
a habit to name our streets from royalty. Both of these traditions  
will have taken hold in the part of Uriania that was ruled from  
Denmark, I guess. There are regions in the country that have a lot of  
topography, but there are flatter regions, too, and this difference  
will have an effect on street naming.