ombi tayondre ta yale tapes-tapesni ri cikani, macayi matingas "ambunukni kašut krat šarek alo hindayi", re senda yuka-yukar ri malta.

Because there was nothing at all on TV tonight, I had to watch "World's Strongest Man Competition", which was taking place in Malta. 

Two oddities-- there was a Swedish guy named Alsjo or Arsjo (I disremember whether l or r, it's the -sjo that's in question), which the (American) announcer kept pronouncing as [Olho] or [Orho]. Is that correct? (I assume the A in the printed form should have been A-ring?)

Then there was a Norwegian named Skog, which got pronounced as [sku..] (there may have been a weak final of some sort, but I don't think so). Is that correct? 

Would anyone know, or know of, these gentlemen? They're huge.....