> 2010/3/16 Douglas Koller <[log in to unmask]> 

> > > Which tends to happen to the sufficiently modern concepts that the West 
> > > found first. For older concepts the Chinese had to make up their own 
> > > descriptive monikers. Which might do something to dispel the age-old myth 
> > > that the Chinese are hardworking :p 

> > Oh, but now there's "paper" and "printing", of which I was reminded on an 
> > almost hourly basis when I lived there. Gutenberg? 昙花一现。;) 

> ? I don't quite get what you mean. 

> Eugene 

Nada, I'm just in a temper. It just seemed that when I lived in China, if you mentioned *any*thing...."digestion" "We invented it!" A sub-rant about nothingness. I apologize for cluttering the list with this.