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> >> The Swedish thing is an elusive beast, a combo of /x/ and /S/?. I raised 
> this question a few years ago here and was told that /x/ would pass until I 
> got it right ("station" /staxo:n/). 


> Anyway, I think it's something Swedes should be proud of (and probably are), 
> I don't think any other language has anything quite like this sound, apart 
> from when it sounds near to /hw/ as in Agnetha Fältskog's lect (or perhaps 
> her own personal variant?). 

God, I love Swedish. I was listening closely, but this issue we've been discussing was just not on my radar. I *did* pick up on something I raised here many years ago; she said something with a deeply nasal /i~/, like "bil" with a sinus condition but I doubt it was that (I believe I was told that that's "Southern"). I've watched other stuff in Swedish or other Scandinavian (like "Babette's Feast") and the language is reasonably transparent or certainly opaque; this interview...she might as well have been speaking Urdu but for every fifth word. Makes me want to strive harder.