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> Other than us & the Rempts (and ~ the LeChevaliers),
> *are* there any conlanging couples?

My husband George (also known as I X Key, see
!) and I have a conlang we develop and speak together called Boogie
Woogie or 5B.  There's some grammatical innovations and oddities in
5B, but mostly it's a large collection of vocabulary that we mix into
English, combined with some language-game-like strange ways of
pronouncing things.  It's possible to form whole sentences out of
5Bish grammar and words, and we do that occasionally, but mostly we
sprinkle it very lightly on our English conversation throughout the

For instance I had thought of mentioning to the list one feature that
5B has developed lately: We've recently invented several words the
medium of which is both tactile and visual-- you poke someone with a
particular finger, different fingers have different meanings, so after
you feel the poke you have to also look to see which word you're being
poked with.

I'm intrigued by how few conlanging couples there seem to be.  I do
suspect there are a lot of couples out there who don't consider
themselves to be conlanging, but who just develop a distinct way of
speaking, to the point they can lose their friends if they get into
married-talk mode with each other, you know?  But you'd think more
people would take it to the next level.  Maybe many of them really are
too personal for people to mention-- I know there's a lot of
interesting language in 5B that I don't share because it's private. ;)
 But there's a lot of 5B that I can share about if anyone wants to
know more about it.

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(your devoted kooky-pooky (lover) mungo-jelly, how i always sign
letters to George!)