Nika Mirovak schrieb:
> I like the idea of a touch-typist-oriented keyboard too.

Well, there is this completely unlabeled keyboard. But as others said,
as soon as it's not QWERTZ anymore I'm typing on (e.g. the IPA layout I
have on Windows) I have to start looking up keys. Other than that I'm
touch-typing at rather OK speed.

> I think more and more people are touch typists though because computers are
> introduced to kids at a younger and younger age. Most people that I meet
> around my age or younger type within a range of speed where that person and
> I can have a regular speed conversation through typing.

Many people my age (early 20s) I've met can't touch-type, or even use
all of their 10 fingers on a keyboard -- most know where the keys are,
but have to look at the keyboard while typing with three fingers on each
hand. Actually I learned to touch-type in school in 7th grade as a part
of my regular Information Technology lessons (which otherwise mostly
dealt with learning to use MS Office and basic HTML), however only like
half the people in class sticked (stuck?) with it in the I think.