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>(There is no secondary stress in -_chen_, which is often cited as a
>cause for phonetic phenomena in German (/@/ is not found in any
>stressed syllable in German).)

Exactly, which means this is different from the "White House – white house"
(or "blackbird – black bird") distinction. Actually, the same distinction
exists in German, but it surfaces less since regular adjectives usually have
an ending.

> Maybe we need the morphological
>break in the phonemic transcription?
>  /'RaI)#C@n/ vs. /'RaI)C#@n/ ?

I'd say it's something along these lines – if this is more than a mere
artifact of a perception that's had too much exposure to linguistics. As for
me, I'm not sure whether I'd really distinguish the two or whether I'd just
imagine to distinguish them or whether I'd imagine to distinguish them if
I'd never have read your post.