thank you for your immediate answers!

Am 06.05.2010 um 17:09 schrieb Sebastian Rahtz:

> On 6 May 2010, at 13:42, Peter Stadler wrote:
>> I have some common macro and element definitions which I would like  
>> to
>> import into different ODD files (with different schemaSpecs).
> did you know you can have multiple <schemaSpec> in the same file?
> I might solve the problem that way, and using <specGrp>, if the
> various ODDs are related

Yes, I realized this possibility but clung to my separate files.

> <xi:include href="oddity.odd"
>               xpointer="xmlns(t=*) 
> ">
>     <xi:fallback> ERROR: cannot locate XInclude ODD elements </ 
> xi:fallback>
>   </xi:include>
> ie "grab all the elements in the <body> of the file oddity.odd".  It  
> works fine,
> and I don't see any huge downside.

Well, I find it hard getting this to work since the XPointer  
xpointer() scheme seems not well supported?!
As far as I understood from the oXygen forum i can configure a  
validation scenario that uses LIBXML instead of Xerces.
But what does your Vesta app for Mac use? It does not throw any error  
but it appears to not include the nodes neither.

Many thanks