Dear Hakan,

Others may be able to help you in greater detail, and there are 
certainly some very accomplished TEIers in Sweden who might be willing 
to assist in a consultancy role. But your question is certainly very 
timely: there was a lot of discussion on indesign and TEI at our 
workshop on TEI and publishing in Dublin last week. For the most part 
the questions were about going in the other direction: from TEI to 

I don't have any specific answers: do others on this list?


On 10-05-06 01:55 PM, Hakan Elmqvist wrote:
>  I would like to publish a book with TEI. Printed the book contains 
> about 250 pages and a lot of high quality colour images. The book is 
> laid out with Indesign and is available as .indd files, in total ~2 
> GB. Now I have not been able to find any consultant here in Sweden 
> that is proficient in TEI. Therefore I have two questions:
> 1) Is there any software that with no or little training allows the 
> automatic conversion of the Indesign files to TEI.
> 2) Is there anyone who can recommend a consultant, preferentially in 
> Sweden, that can help me? The book is in English.
> Any tip or advice is appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Professor emeritus Håkan Elmqvist
> Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences & Technology
> KAROLINSKA INSTITUTE, Novum, 141 57 Huddinge, Sweden

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