On 7 May 2010, at 15:30, Hakan Elmqvist wrote:

> It is interesting to hear that proponents of TEI are unsure about TEI advantages. 
that may be reading too much into my reply :-}

> From my simple point of view TEI offers several advantages over e.g. pdf and html in web-publishing:
> fast browsing; excellent  indexing; document  structure  is evident; nice and flexible layout; predictable cut’n paste;  displayed lower quality images can be linked to high quality versions. 

these are, I suggest, advantages of the web over PDF or print. Yes, a TEI-based workflow can deliver
these advantages, but they are not inherent in being TEI.  However, there are other advantages in being
TEI (the chance of being much close to semantic markup).
> Regarding Indesign (CS5) I feel that the export possibilities (xhtml, epub and pdf) are unsatisfactory. Out of the box only pdf-exports delivers something that resembles the original print proof.

I though InDesign had its own internal XML format one could access?
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