Dear all,

I have a question regarding the restriction of whitespace in attribute values.
I restrict the pattern that can appear in the KEY attribute to
"a A or a G followed by six digits, or otherwise the value 'unknown'"
like that in the ODD:
<attDef ident="key" mode="change">
                            <desc>Key for the authority database.</desc>
                                <rng:data type="token">
                                    <rng:param name="pattern">(A\d{6})|(G\d{6})|unknown</rng:param>
(i know the regex could be shorter, but we keep it like that for legibility)

Now the schema produced from this duly records this as:
attribute key {
      xsd:token { pattern = "(A\d{6})|(G\d{6})|unknown" }
    }?, validates

and validates eg.:
<persName key="A003597">XXXX</persName>

It does however also validate KEY values with whitespace before or after the token such as:
<persName key="    A003597">XXXX</persName>


<persName key="A003597  ">XXXX</persName>

I wish the schema could catch that, but do not understand why it doesn't.
Any ideas?

thanks for thinking about this

Dr. Marcus Bingenheimer 馬德偉
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