> While I sometimes wrestle with the ultimate eternal significance of my own
> conlanging pursuits, generally I do feel that it is at least as worthwhile
> as those people who engage in pretty much any other artistic endeavor for
> the sake of the beauty of the art itself.

I used to struggle with it as well, but then I know if I stopped conlanging,
I'd just spend more time playing WoW or something like that. It's not like
I'd do something incredibly productive in that time.

And easier to defend the artistic value of, in many ways, than those who
> collect vacuum cleaners, for example.  (Yes, there is indeed such a group...
> )
They even have their own convention... after reading that my interests seem
almost normal.

> But along the lines of your response, we each celebrate our own
> uniquenesses in our own way, and they can all be gifts and blessings.  So
> yeah, if writing a page of language obituaries moves you, then why not?

Here, here!

-Karen Terry