Douglas Koller writes:
> In Cantonese, final "p", "t", "k", universally do not reduce to
> final glottal stop (at least not formally or in the
> romanization). In Shanghainese, what was final "p", "t", "k" has
> universally reduced to a glottal stop. In Taiwanese (read: Minnan),
> some of those syllables (4th and 8th tone) keep the final "p", "t",
> "k"; some reduce to the glottal stop. Mixed bag, straddling the
> fence.

Apropos Minnan: in Mindong, I found a very well-designed romanisation
(e.g. compared to Vietnamese) for a tone language:

It solves the space conflict of diacritics for vowel quality and
tone by putting all vowel quality diacritics below the vowel, and the
tone diacritics above.  I think it really looks quite beautiful in

In contrast to Vietname, there is always enough space for the
diacritic, because there's no need for diacritic stacking.

Also, only 'standard' diacritics are used, so most Unicode fonts and
renderers display it nicely without special considerations of Mindong
(e.g. in contrast to Minnan romanisation, which uses an unusual
right dot above, IIRC).

What do you think?  I thought this was worth thinking about for
upcoming Conlangs. :-)