Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets wrote:
> On 7 May 2010 10:17, R A Brown <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Seems to be some problem with ø-circumflex. Indeed, I cannot find any
>> Unicode representation of this; as far as I can tell on a quick
>> investigation, Unicode has symbols for ø and  ǿ only (with corresponding
>> upper-case forms also). Is this correct?
> No problem here with the ø̂ (ø-circumflex). It shows up fine. Copy-pasting I
> realised it was composed of two characters instead of one: ø, followed by a
> zero-width circumflex accent 

I assumed it was, in fact. But it did seem to me that 
Unicode was not being very future-proof.  Sure, one cannot 
anticipate all the vagaries that some future orthography may 
adopt. But the grave, acute & circumflex accents have been 
around for some time (since the Alexandrian grammarians 
introduced them for ancient Greek texts, in fact  :)

It seemed to me that if you provide a vowel with an acute, 
you may as well provide for version with a grave and a 
circumflex "just in case"     ;)

After all, it's no big deal, especially since ....

> (not sure which one it is, a cursory look
> reveals at least two different combining circumflex characters in Unicode).
> Ray, I just think your fonts don't support that character, which is why it
> doesn't show up correctly on your computer. 

The fonts do, as some Browsers cope with them on my 
computer. I guess its the email software which isn't so 
keen.  But I also know from experience that browsers seem to 
vary in the way they support such characters - sometimes 
they come over the character, others off-set them a bit - 
very frustrating when you spend time setting up a web-page 
and then test it with various different browsers    :(

That's why I wrote:
>> Darn limiting technology!
> I'm pretty sure it's just a font problem here, unless you use a program that
> has difficulties with Unicode combining characters.

I'm sure it's the latter. No big deal in this case as it was 
quite clear what Jörg intended.

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