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> Betreff: "Doing Fieldwork on Constructed Languages"

> Since the author is too [insert adjective here] to brag:
> - Sai


> Throw Away Your DAT Recorder: Only one in every 152 thousand created 
> languages is ever spoken aloud—and of those, only 2.3% are spoken by 
> more than one person (i.e. the constlangoleur him- or herself) at any 
> point during the language’s existence. As a result, you’ll likely not 
> find any use for an audio recording device.

Sooo true! I would so have issues saying something in KHMG or JSG... OTOH, I can speak rejistanian and am understood in it at least a bit by my SO*, so I guess that is an exception (you can say what you want about its naïve phonology, it DOES have the advantage of being easy to speak at least for me).

> Date Your Work Carefully: A given constructed language may have five 
> cases one day and seventeen the next. If working on a given language 
> ABC, never publish an article with a title like, “Noun Case in ABC”. 
> The title will likely be inaccurate the moment it’s penned. Instead, 
> be sure to accurately record the date of your fieldwork, and then 
> re-title an article like the previous thus: “Noun Case in ABC as of 
> 10/24/2005 5:43:37 p.m. PST”.

GUILTY! Not in Rejistanian (I suspect that I could still read 2001 rejistanian texts if they still existed. What does exist are two songs, which are only slightly ungrammatical**, but not enough to no longer be understood), but JSG and KHMG seriously suffer from that disease.

Excellent article!

*significant other 
** "KaMaRi'lil lasane'het dary." would have to be "KaMaRi mi'lil lasane'het dary." (KaMaRi has an excellent [sports] team.)
Sanja'xen mi'lanja'kynha ,mi'la'ohix jilih, nka.

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