meilleur = better (adj)
le meilleur = best

mieux = better (adv)
le mieux = best (adv)

pire = worse (adj)
le pire = worst (adj)

pis = worse (adv)
le pis = worst (adv)


2010/5/11 Peter Bleackley <[log in to unmask]>:
> staving David Peterson:
>> I feel silly for asking this question, but are there generally accepted
>> terms for "less" and "least"? Here's a natural language example:
>> le meilleur "the better" (comparative)
>> le mieux "the best" (superlative)
>> le peilleur "the worse" (?)
>> le pieux "the worst" (?)
>> And now that I'm searching the internet, I can't even find these...
>> I swear this is what I was taught in French class! Is this not how
>> it works?
> I have degrees meaning "less" and "least" in Khangaþyagon, and I couldn't
> find any standard terminology for them. I came up with the terms "reductive"
> and "minimative".
> Pete