On May 11, 2010, at 10◊03 AM, R A Brown wrote:
> Where a distinction is made between 'more' & 'most' on the one hand and 'less' and 'least' on the other, AFAIK the usual terms are 'comparison of superiority' and 'comparison of inferiority.' One would talk of a comparative of superiority' or a 'comparative of inferiority', and a 'superlative of superiority' or a 'superlative of inferiority'.

Ah, yes! That sounds familiar.

Also, thanks for the rest of the comments. I think I was confusing
myself by the French data, as I was looking for "more, most, less,
least", while "better, best" vs. "worse, worst" are just comparative
and superlative forms of different lexical items.


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