On 5/25/10, Kjell Rehnstr?öm <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> James Chandler skrev:
>>> Who knows? If the IN revival works, maybe we can properly revive Novial
>>> too. Steve
>> The Novial revival never completely died, it just weht underground for a
>> while, then reemerged in a different form.  Now it's centered around the
>> Novial Wikipedie and the novial-discussion group (that's currently under
>> attack from a very subtle auxlang troll).
> And lo and behold, this "subtle auxlang troll" is yours truly!

You fiend!! :P At least you're subtle...

What I
> did was that I tried to write in Novial without checking out the correct
> words in the dictionary. Therefore I had a lot of interference from
> other auxlangs that I've been trying to learn.

I've seen this kind of "trolling" on a lot of auxlang lists.

> In order to keep the complainer(s) quiet I have decided to check out
> everything before writing it. Can be a good thing.
> On the other hand there is quite a lot of English in the Novial list
> which is a little bit boring when you are trying to learn Novial. A fine
> language, as a matter of fact.
I think that's one reason I didn't keep current with that list; I did
check on it some time ago.

Left to myself, I'd be more serious about Novial than IN, but IN needs
me more just now.