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>Wells went and
>made tables at least for RP and GenAm, I guess the equivalent would be
>making tables for different major dialect areas of German.

I think that worked well for English because the "dialects" of English are
quite similar to each other and mainly differ in the vowels. German
dialects, however, are much more different from each other, more like
English and Scots, not like British English and American English. I imagine
that something similar to Wells' lexical set would be quite interesting for
a comparison of the different varieties of standard German.

With regard to German dialects, a remotely similar approach might be the
Wenker-Sätze:  – or at
least it might server to pick some sample words such as "wieder" vs.
"Lieder" vs. "fliegen" (though in the latter word, an [y:] or [OY]
pronunciation would not be a result of phonological changes, but of ablaut).