Esperanto can serve as an interesting object for studies in how a 
linguistic diaspora handles its language. Somebody, I don't remember 
who, said that there are native Esperanto speakers but they appearently 
don't have any influence of the standard language.

Could one imagine a similar thing happeneing with English. Imagine that 
the whole of continental Eurasia learns English and there appears a kind 
of standard continental English, couloured by the various language 
substrates. This official English would then be very formalized, and we 
would have a dicotomy between colloquial Eurasian English and Literary 
English. Could it possibly evolve without native speakers. Wouldn't it 
drift away from, say, UK and US English?

What about English in India and South Africa?

Is there a sensible difference between Esperanto vs native speakers and 
English vs native speakers in the aforementioned countries?

Something to mull over....

Kjell R