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Subject: Re: OT : atheism
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Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2010, 10:20 AM

On 6/8/10, Adam Walker wrote:

> Sai, I am sorry, but could you please stop with the casual
> use/misuse/abuse of the sacred name? I do not pronounce it out of
> respect, and I am cringing over here at the way you have been so
> doing. Adam

I join this appeal.
And btw guys, don't you think the discussion went too far? NCNC rule is not suspended or made null and void yet.

With respect,
-- Y.

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The discussion may have danced on, and perhaps over, the line. But I thought people did a fairly good job of bringing it back to the original question.

Total contrast to a few recent threads I read on ZBB. But maybe that's how they blow off steam over there....?