Just for fun I made a syllabary (65 symbols) and a font for displaying it.

Sample here (PDF file):

Download the font here:

The conworld concept behind the syllabary is that it serves as the
writing system for a large family of related languages and dialects,
so that each symbol is pronounced in a variety of different ways
depending on the language and dialect, but in general, the 12
consonant sound families are:

"B" = B or P
"D" = D, T, R, or TH (voiced)
"F" = F or TH (unvoiced)
"G" = G or K
"H" = H
"J" = J or CH
"L" = L
"M" = M
"N" = N
"S" = S or Z
"V" = V or W
"Y" = Y