Louie wrote:
> So... we're allowed to talk about politics and religion
> as long as nobody gets offended?

"allowed"? As And Rosta, who IIRC has been on this list ever 
since it began long years ago, pointed out this is not a law 
or rule.  It is just a common sense convention that has 
grown up through experience.  Some of us with long memories 
recall a time when this list was not quite such a pleasant 
place and we do not want to go back to such times.

> Honestly, I think there should be a rule that says,
> "You're not allowed to get offended over the cross or
> crown." But alas, it's unlikely ever to happen...

Of course it is not likely. It really is quite easy to 
offend. Forget religion for the moment - If I wanted to 
(which I do not) I could easily write something political to 
offend a large number people. But what's the point?

This is supposed to be a list about constructed languages, 
tho we do often wander off topic. But if we wander off topic 
then surely it is just common sense that we avoid being 
offensive, whether the off topic subject is religion, 
politics, or indeed any other matter.

<deinx nxtxr> wrote:

 > And of course nobody knows until someone is offended.

There's some truth in that, but it is fairly obvious, 
surely, that certain statements are going to offend. So it 
seems to me only common sense to avoid them.

 > Anyway the dicussion really wasn't directly about
 > religion but about religious terminology, therefore
 > technically on-topic.

Yes, initially the recent _atheism_ topic was about 
terminology. But the thread continued after the original 
question had been answered and did begin to stray into more 
contentious areas.

I think some people are getting a bit hung-up on the narrow 
NCNC thing.  Even on a strictly conlang topic, I would not, 
for example, write: "Gosh, that's a pretty juvenile effort. 
For a start, you're phonology is crap ....." etc.

Surely, it's a question of showing respect to one another 
and avoiding being contentious, *whatever the subject*.

I have no wish to see the list return to the quarrelsomeness 
that marred the mid 1990s. IMO both the _atheism_ thread and 
this one has played out their usefulness. Let's call a halt 
and move on.

Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
There's none too old to learn.