I don't know why but I just never seem to be satisfied with the Deini
pronoun system.  This time it's the formal 2nd person "anda" that I
just don't think fits in with the rest so I've maybe-temporarily made
it "vu".

I'm also having doubts about having just a single 3rd person pronoun
so I'm playing with the idea of having distinct  male, female, and
epicene/inanimate forms:  "ha/he", "ssa/sse", "ddei/dda", though only
one plural: "ddei/dda".

(sorry. don't have my custom keyboard here at work so I used digraphs:
 dd=edh [D], ss=s-hacek [S], zz=z-hacek [Z], ë=schwa [@]; also excuse
the poor formatting, I'm using webmail)

          Nominative / Oblique / Possessive / Genitive
1st :   zzo / me / mi / mië

2nd fam.:   tu / te / toi / tojë
2nd form:   vu / vu / voi / vojë

3rd male.:   ha / he / hi / hië
3rd fem.   ssa / sse / ssi / ssië
3rd epicene:  ddei / dda / ddi / ddië

1st:   we / wë / wi / wië
2nd fam:   ju / jë / jei / jejë
2nd form:   vu / vu / voi / vojë
3rd epicene:  ddei / dda / ddi / ddië

I suppose my question here is whether this looks "right" or
"believable", as in does it seem to fit well without being too
"regular" or "unnatural".  Though there are considerable Romance and
Slavic influences, the foundation is intended to be Low-Germanic.

<deinx nxtxr>[Dana Nutter]