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> Hi!
> Andreas Johansson writes:
>> ...
>> Could we have a NATLANG (vel sim.) tag? For natlang stuff that's not
>> theoretical or usage-related, yet may be more relevant to conlanging
>> than nonlinguistic OT stuff (cf. the recent thread on Mongolian).
> So far, we usually treated natlang questions as on-topic, because they
> are almost always interesting as an inspiration for conlanging.
> But we could add a tag, sure.  What do the others think?

I'm fine with keeping them for just the reason you mentioned. We
do have an informal tag for the pronunciation threads, but perhaps
we can unify them into YAPT (as opposed to YAEPT or YAFPT or
YAGPT, etc.). Of the two types of natlang threads, it seems like
the pronunciation threads are the likeliest to be off topic.

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