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> > We don't have to limit this to chess but also other
> popular games, and 
> > even con-games that may exist in your concultures. 
The only game listed in the Kash dictionary is _mamak-cu˝ ~mamac˙˝ ['mamak 'tSuN ~ ["mama'tSuN]a game of strategy similar to chess, played on a 64-square (8x8) board; the name derives < Gwr maq maq tsung "100 squares"[octal]_ but come to think of it, it could have a variant like checkers (draughts).

There are some ideas for games (board, card) in the to-do list, but we haven't progressed very far.

As for "cheese", at one time I borrowed Span. queso as _keso_ but that involved a Kash person living here on earth. He (they?) turned out to be lactose-intolerant. (At least w.r.t. cow's milk; I never thought to have him try sheep or goat cheese.)

But on Cindu there are sheep/goat-like animals that could give milk for making cheese. Does lactose intolerance extend to more than cow's milk? 

In Sulawesi, I was told that some people in the mountains make a cheese out of water-buffalo milk, but I never found any to try. It's called dangi /daNi/ a Skt. work IINM. I wonder if it could be anything like mozzarella.