Hi Dana,

actually that may be due to the font you're using. It needs to be 
incorporatable into the PDF. Though for some reason on Ubuntu 10.04, 
OpenOffice refuses to print certain fonts as well as including them in a 
PDF file for me too, although the few affected fonts I've tried it with 
said that they're embeddable. It's always worked fine on Windows.

It's been a while since I've last used OSX, but I guess there might a 
possibility to print to file? At least that's possible on Linux and you 
can choose between PS and PDF usually. OpenOffice maybe won't let you 
choose a separate PDF generator in the printer menu, but there is a 
checkbox for "Print to file" next to the dropdown menu where you can 
choose the printer. At least in the Windows and Linux versions.


Am 12.06.2010 23:38 schrieb <deinx nxtxr>:
> Does anyone know of a *good* way to make a PDF of an Open Office 
> (.odt) document?  OO completely screwed up my document by omitting 
> certain characters though they display properly in OO.  Apparently 
> it's not rendering certain rare characters like <ə> or <ħ> for example.

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