On Mon, 14 Jun 2010 01:35:45 +0200, Lars Finsen wrote:

> Den 11. jun. 2010 kl. 18.43 skreiv Jörg Rhiemeier:
> > What regards my own conpoeple, they are humans and have a religion.
> > That religion changed over time, of course.  In the classical era
> > of the Commonwealth of the Elves, the religion was a kind of
> > monotheism, worshipping the unfathomable universal god Ea, though
> > older polytheistic deities continued as angelic spirits, the Veni.
> > The Elves believed that human beings were created by Ea with the
> > purpose of guarding and enriching the world by creating new and
> > beautiful things, and for that purpose were endowed with free will.
> Much more charming than most earthly religions, I must say.

Yes.  Account this to the fact that the culture of the Elves serves
to express my personal feelings about the meaning of life and the
human condition.  Also, I won't deny that it is influenced by the
religion of Tolkien's Elves.

> My Urianians have a typical IE polytheism, but developed in certain  
> interesting ways, I think. I'd like to mention the creation myth here.
> [creation myth snup]

Awesome and interesting.  I see a close parallel to the Ymir story
of Norse mythology, which makes sense given that the Urianians, as
far as I can remember, are an Indo-European people of Northwestern
Europe, and therefore should have a similar mythology.

What regards the creation myth of the Elves, I haven't worked out
much so far.  It is still very much in the idea-gathering stage.

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