On Jun 8, 2010, at 11◊32 AM, Dana Nutter wrote:

> I don't see any NCNC issues except maybe where people start pushing
> their beliefs on others as with that first paragraph expecting others
> to bend rather than just accepting the fact that not everyone has the
> same belief system.  You can't discuss the semantics of religious
> terms without getting into the subject matter itself.  I'm not even
> sure what the "sacred name" is therefore can't say whether I've ever
> used it or not but certain terminology has to be used to explain
> things.

I agree. Asking someone on the Conlang list not to use "the
sacred name" is definitely NCNC. If you have a problem with
what someone is saying, that's what NCNC is for. Just say the
discussion is getting into NCNC, and that should be more than

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